Bring your farm management to an upper level. Let our system guide your machinery.


Cultivating your field is expensive and driving manually your machinery is time-consuming. Wrong agricultural inputs may cause economical and time waste.


Working the land behind a screen. It's not a game, just the farmer of the future


Let our farm management app organize your jobs. Then supervise your automatic tractor fleet working

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To ease the life of the farmer.

To make the agricultural sector more inclusive.

To bring agricultural technology to the present day, and beyond.

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Our vision

Autonomous driving will become part of our daily routine extending its boundaries to automatize farming. We will bring this revolution also on outdated machines that will be updated to be fully autonomous. Our product will bring benefits both to the environment and the farmer.

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Farm Management and Driver Support
Warehouse autonomous robot
Driverless tractor system
PhD in Computer Science, enrolled in the register of ICT engineers since 2019. He was born in 1992 and he's an expert in the filed of Software Engineering and Automatic Code Generation for IoT and Safety-Critical systems.

Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was born in 1993 and he's an expert in the filed of Product Management for prestigious car manufacturers and italian brands.

Master Degree in Computer Science. He was born in 1994 and he's an expert of Software Engineering for adaptive systems and Cross-Platform Front-end development.

Master Degree in Computer Science. He was born 1995, he's a computer consultant, IT professor and an expert in System Integration and Back-end development.

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